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WHY TV? What is there possibly to learn?.

Television is a thriving industry worth $500 billion annually, where success hinges on the ability to select and transform ideas into hit shows on a daily basis. Its relentless screening process has perfected the art of creativity on an industrial scale. With tens of thousands of new shows launched each year and existing programs constantly refined, television has become highly skilled at managing its vast creative pipeline.

Interestingly, while bookstores offer numerous business books inspired by various industries such as tech, automotive, energy, and finance, you won’t find a guide on “leading like a TV producer.” However, we firmly believe that studying how TV executives operate can revolutionise your business, fostering smarter, larger, and better growth.

With decades of experience in the TV industry, we have witnessed its incredible highs and faced its challenging lows. This dynamic field has undergone transformative shifts due to technological advancements and, although not always perfect at generating profits, it outperforms many so-called “unicorns” in this aspect.

Yet, there is one area where TV excels like no other industry we have encountered—the management of massive creative pipelines on an unprecedented scale. Thousands of TV show ideas enter the pipeline, and fully formed television programs emerge, ready for audiences to enjoy. And this doesn’t happen once or twice a year but rather results in hundreds of thousands of hours of content each week.

At our core, we leverage the TV industry’s expertise to help businesses and individuals thrive. Together, we’ll unlock your potential and deliver outstanding results inspired by the world of television.

we are intent

The podcast.

Welcome to the Intent podcast, where industry experts Claire Tavernier and Richard Vargas explore the world of TV production. Join us as we delve into the intricate process of selecting, developing, and managing new TV show ideas. Our guests, including top producers, writers, and executives, share their valuable insights to help you make better business decisions. As a $500bn/yr global industry, television has become a master of creativity at scale. With tens of thousands of new shows launching every year and existing ones constantly evolving, the TV industry has honed its ability to manage a constant pipeline of fresh ideas.Whether you’re in the TV industry or another business sector, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to manage a constant pipeline of new ideas and navigate the complexities of the ideation process.

we are intent

The Blog.


The Intent Podcast – Emma Turner

In this podcast episode, we are joined by Emma Turner, an experience international drama producer and executive producer, who has worked on iconic television dramas such as EastEnders, Holby City, and Hollyoaks. We explore the intricacies of television drama production, from making difficult decisions that create compelling moral dilemmas for characters, to the power dynamics and decision-making processes that shape a show. Emma also shares her experiences of working on a court show in India and discusses the unique challenges of rolling out drama formats in different countries. The episode concludes with a discussion on the impact of drama on viewers and why popular shows are often remade.


The Intent Podcast – Tracy Jean

In this episode, we are joined by Tracy Jean, or TJ, a seasoned executive in the field of development and acquisitions. In a full and frank discussion, TJ shared a treasure trove of insights into the dynamic world of ideation, development, and acquisitions in the television industry. With a wealth of experience spanning decades and continents (three and counting!), she delved into the importance of collaboration, the intricacies of crafting new show concepts, and the challenges of acquiring content.

we are intent

The Book.

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