The Intent Podcast – Emma Turner

Making Tough Choices: A Look into the Decision-Making Process of Television Drama Production

In the recent episode of our podcast, we had an insightful conversation with Emma Turner, a seasoned drama producer and executive producer, whose vast portfolio includes classic television dramas like EastEnders, Holby City, and Hollyoaks.

Our discussion with Emma offered a deep dive into the intricate world of television drama production. One of the key points we touched upon was the challenging process of decision making, both on and off the screen. As an executive producer, Emma often has to make tough choices that lead to intriguing moral dilemmas for her characters. These decisions are not just about creating interesting plot twists, but also about instilling depth and complexity into the characters, making them relatable to the audience.

An intriguing aspect of our discussion was about power dynamics and decision-making processes in the television industry that play a crucial role in shaping a show. This goes beyond the mere storyline and encompasses aspects such as casting, budget allocation, marketing strategies, and even selecting the right platform for the show’s release. Emma’s insights into these processes painted a vivid picture of the unseen mechanics that contribute to the making of a successful drama series.

One of the most interesting parts of our conversation was when Emma shared her experiences of working on a court show in India. Adapting drama formats for different countries presents its own set of challenges, from cultural nuances to local broadcasting standards. Emma’s experiences provided a unique perspective into the global scope of television drama production and the inherent challenges in making content universally appealing.

Finally, we ended our discussion by contemplating the impact of drama on viewers. It’s always intriguing to explore why certain shows get remade time and again. It’s not just about their popularity, but also about their ability to resonate with viewers, evoking emotions and sparking conversations. This exploration of viewer engagement adds another layer of complexity to the art of television drama production.

In summary, our enlightening conversation with Emma Turner offered invaluable insights into the world of television drama production. From decision making on and off the screen, to adapting content for different countries, to understanding the profound impact of drama on viewers, we gained a comprehensive understanding of what goes into creating the television dramas that we all love and enjoy.


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