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Leveraging the Magic of TV to grow Businesses.

The TV industry is a $500 billion industry that conjures hit shows out of thin air. It’s well known for being a highly creative business, where success is entirely dependent on captivating storytelling.

What’s less well known? TV’s ruthlessly efficient decision-making. Needs must: the pitch to hit ratio is ridiculous – tens of thousands of new ideas are pitched every year, and only a handful will make it. 

In television, ideas turn into big bucks every day through a combination of large-scale creativity, storytelling, and decision-making.

At Intent, we have spent years facilitating growth in organisations large and small.  Now, in addition to our ad-hoc consultancy, we have developed three structured programmes that will help you harness the magic of TV to grow your organisation. 

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Our Programmes.

Intent offers a 3 powerful proprietary programmes that can benefit teams and organisations by focusing on the core areas of creativity, decision-making, and storytelling. By leveraging one or more of our programmes businesses can unlock potential, drive growth, and achieve remarkable results. Our programmes are delivered via a short series of workshops we will facilitate with you and key stakeholders. 


Does your organisation struggles to generate original ideas? Are you aware that better opportunities exist but find it challenging to identify them?

The TV industry has an enormous and endless appetite for new ideas. After all, it takes thousands of nascent pitches to turn out one hit format. Intent helps businesses overcome creative challenges and generate plentiful original ideas using the SparkFinder programme, allowing them unleash their creativity, explore new possibilities and discover innovative opportunities. 


Does your organization face endless deliberation over every idea? Are your decision-making processes emotionally driven and time-consuming?

Decision-making is a critical aspect of both business operations and personal development. Intent’s ScreenFlow programme provides a streamlined approach to decision-making, helping businesses and individuals navigate through complex choices more efficiently. By incorporating principles derived from TV executives’ decision-making processes, Intent guides organisations and individuals in making informed decisions, reducing emotional biases, and optimising outcomes. The result is more effective decision-making that saves time, improves efficiency, and enhances overall performance.


Do you have great ideas but struggle to create memorable descriptions or pitches? Is your core narrative unclear or inconsistently presented?

Effective storytelling is essential for capturing attention, conveying messages, and inspiring action. Intent’s StoryCraft programme empowers businesses and individuals to craft compelling narratives that resonate with their target audience. By applying storytelling techniques honed by the TV industry, Intent helps organisations and individuals create memorable and impactful stories. Whether it’s for marketing purposes, personal branding, or communication strategies, Intent equips businesses and individuals with the tools to convey their messages effectively, engage their audience, and leave a lasting impression.

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Facilitation & Consultancy.

Every client is unique. For most, we find that our programmes, which are customised to each organisations needs,  deliver a swift transformation. However for clients with different needs, we recommend a bespoke approach. In these cases we offer: 

Custom Facilitation – we are skilled facilitators and having attended and run more workshops and events than we’d care to remember, we know exactly how to ignite collaboration, enhance communication, and foster a dynamic and cohesive team environment. Whether you’re planning a board meeting or a corporate retreat, a brainstorming session, or an interactive workshop, we will tailor and deliver an event that will exceed your expectations.

Project Consultancy – Whilst we mainly focus our consultancy work on growth through creativity, decision-making and story-telling, we also consult for organisations large and small on other areas. From advice on the international TV landscape, to creating a watertight business plan for a new opportunity, to writing the pitch for your new TV idea, we’ve done it all. Let us know how we can help you. 

Project Management – We are experienced producers and have run countless successful projects from within corporations and outside. If your organisation needs a project safely handled, get in touch.

Custom Programme Creation – We have worked with large multi-nationals to bring together siloed individuals from  similar business areas around the world, to build a joined up network and enhance knowledge transfer and encourage synergies. We have worked with small organisations to give boards greater understanding of the work they govern. If you need a custom programme for your organisation – let us know!

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The Intent Ethos: Facilitation Reigns Supreme.

At Intent, we firmly believe in the transformative power of facilitation. It’s not just a method; it’s the key to tackling monumental challenges, making pivotal decisions, and building the foundation for sustainable growth. As seasoned facilitators, our primary mission working with any team is to craft a positive, open and collaborative environment. By ensuring that every voice is heard, we can allow the group to unravel complexities, gain clarity, and dramatically increase their chances of success.

Far too often, crucial meetings spiral into the realm of tedium, leaving participants drained and outcomes subpar. That’s where Intent stands apart.

Our mantra is simple: Make it memorable, make it fun. Our inspiration goes beyond the confines of traditional workshops; it’s rooted in the universal language of television. Hit shows like “Mr. Bean” and “Benny Hill,” “Game of Thrones” and “Golden Girls,” “The Simpsons” and “Stranger Things” transcend boundaries, uniting diverse audiences worldwide through shared experiences.

Mention these iconic shows in a room full of people from different corners of the globe, and watch as their faces light up with recognition. At Intent, we draw heavily from the rich tapestry of television’s narrative prowess, infusing our programs with real-world examples and case studies. This approach sets us apart, making our workshops not just accessible and relevant but a refreshing departure from the norm.

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How We Work.

When you engage with Intent, our approach involves a simple three-step process:

1. Briefing

We begin by collaborating with one or two members of your senior management team during a one-hour meeting. This allows us to understand the nuances of your organisation and customise our approach to your specific needs. Based on this conversation, we develop a tailored proposal for your consideration. This stage is free of charge. 

2. Workshops

Once you accept our brief, we will schedule a series of two to three workshops. These generally involve bringing together 5-10 key individuals from within your organisation, to go through your chosen programme. The outcome – a better decision-making process, enhanced creativity or a compelling narrative to share – all written up by us for you to use. 

3. Check-up

Six months after the initial workshops, we conduct an additional workshop to evaluate and ensure that the desired changes have been successfully integrated into your organisation. This check-up session allows us to fine-tune and refine as needed.

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Client stories.

Institute of Imagination took our ScreenFlow Programme

We worked with the Chief Executive and senior team to develop a set of decision criteria and workflow to streamline decision-making for new opportunities.

"Working with Claire and Richard allowed us to really understand our decision making and prioritisation criteria as a team, what activities we could consider, and why, all within a framework we co-developed with them. We now keep coming back to the work we did together to remind us of what we are trying to achieve."

– Martin Allen Morales, CEO

Suited & Booted took our StoryCraft Programme

Working with the full team and key stakeholders, we aligned and refined the organisations core narrative, and developed strategies for its amplification across all platforms both traditional and digital.

"Working with Intent has been a pleasure. It was brilliant to bring volunteers and clients together. Richard and Claire’s work on our story, and how we can share it, has been extremely helpful in clarifying our thinking and focus for the future"

– Dr Maria Lenn, Chief Executive

We are Intent. Let us help you to be too!


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