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It starts back in 2004. It was a simple time for content, with only a few hundred channels to choose from.

Youtube had yet to be launched, FaceBook was unknown, a new show called 'Strictly come Dancing' had just aired (in May!?!) and the monster hit show 'American Idol' brought Richard and Claire together professionally.

Our story has endured through careers that have taken us to five continents, deep disagreements about 'Game of Thrones' and 'Succession', a shared certainly that 'Strictly Come Dancing' is better than 'Dancing with the Stars' and secret passions for 'Antiques Roadshow' (Richard) and 'Buffy' (Claire).

Neither of us thought we could ever top our proudest creative achievement; that of exec-producing 'The Friskies', the first (and last) live-streamed Internet Cat Video Awards. But in 2021 we found ourselves living on the same continent for the first time in over a decade, and the time was right for Intent.

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Claire is an experienced media and charity NED with extensive experience both as an executive and board member. She is the Chair of the Film and TV Charity and Charity Digital and also sits on the boards of the Institute of Imagination and Unbound Publishing. She is a member of the Action Advisory Board for the Reykjavik Global Community and was previously NED at music tech start-up Instrumental and British film age-rating agency BBFC.

Building on her many years of senior media roles, Claire co-hosts The Media Beat Podcast alongside Maureen Kerr. The increasingly popular podcast dives into key stories from the media and tech industry and features interviews with guests from media and tech backgrounds.

Claire was Fremantle’s Global Head of Digital for over a decade, working with shows such as American Idol, the X Factor and Neighbours. She managed YouTube influencer studio ChannelFlip. In 2017-2018, Claire was COO, then CEO of international media NGO Girl Effect.

Claire is a trained leadership coach and enjoys working with emerging and established leaders. She also acts as an advisor for a number of organisations in the media and digital space and gives occasional lectures on media and behaviour change, social media strategies, and monetising digital content.


Richard worked at Thames Television as a Series Producer, and in the Entertainment development division, where he created the hit format “The Farmer Wants A Wife”. The show has led to over 180 marriages in 32 countries, making it the most successful dating show ever! 

Richard then moved to Los Angeles where he was responsible for overseeing the development and production of original online video projects for Fremantle North America, including a YouTube premium partner channel “The Pet Collective” (now over 1.25bn channel views) and the three series of branded entertainment series “Re:Discover” for the car company Buick. Richard is an Emmy nominated and Rocky winning Executive producer for online video series.

Throughout his career he has developed deep project management skills that he has applied to Television, as well as other industries though his consulting work. 

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